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Graphic Design Questions

With over 30 years in business, we have answered many questions and helped our cutomers better understand the design and production process for all of their marketing materials. Below, we address just a few of the most common graphic design queries and quandries. Contact us at Fisher Studios for assistance with these questions and all of your graphic design needs.

Commonly Asked:
Everyone now has access to programs and apps with some level of graphics and layout capabilites, so why do you still need a professional graphic designer? If you are asking yourself this question, it is a clear indication for your need. Graphic designers usually have a natural eye for design and, additionally, have been formally trained in the principles of design. As such, they understand how to utilize color, typography, form, balance, and other design elements to communicate the desired message and values to reflect your organization and to evoke the desired reaction in your viewer. Additionally, a trained graphic designer understands the technical aspects of design required to create a print-ready file that will acheive the desired result, and the process for developing a website that is easy to navigate and effective.
CMYK color is the standard for pigment-based or printed materials while RGB is the standard for light-based color in digital application. It is extremely important to use the correct kind of color for your application. Using RGB files for printed materials will result in color substitution and undesired results. And some digital programs will not read or display CMYK based files at all.
The cost for logo design development varies depending on how clearly you have defined your business, your target audience, and goals, or if we are starting with a completely blank slate. Before starting a logo design or other design project, we will discuss all the details of the job with the client and provide a detailed quote so that you will know your cost upfront.
Brand identity is the overall image of your organization that includes logo, taglines and slogans, fonts, colors, images and graphics styles. Fisher Studios specializes in helping you develop your brand identity and present a cohesive identity via all online and offline media.
When choosing a printer for your brochure, catalog, business cards, postcard, signage, ad specialty item or other printed materials, it is important that you find the best balance of quality and price for the quantity you need. Although we don't physically print items ourselves at Fisher Studios, we do have many years of experience sourcing – utilizing that perfect balance. We work with dozens of local and online printers, and will find the very best print solution for your needs. We are also able to work with industry-specific wholesale printers to get amazing deals for our customers. We always treat every print job as if it were our own.
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