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Big agency services at small agency prices.

Our Ideal Client

Any small to mid-size business that is
looking for excellent graphic design and marketing.

Building Your Brand

is Our Passion!

Fisher Studios is an advertising agency that specializes in offering customized, big agency caliber work at a small agency price point.

We can provide you with everything from initial logo design and brand development, to planning and executing a comprehensive digital and print marketing plan. We learn your business and customer base inside and out, and work closely with you to help you reach your marketing goals.

Small Team...

Big Talent


About Cowboy

Yes, that's his real name!

Cowboy began his graphic design career in New York when he earned $1,800 at the age of 8 doing hand lettering on service vans and signage. In the 1980s, he passed up a six-digit salary with a large NYC agency, choosing to move south instead – a decision he has never regretted.

  1. Expertise: typography including custom font creation
  2. Interesting Fact: has designed 800+ logos!
  3. Copywriting Style: attention-grabbing humor
  4. Hobbies: golf, bowling, billiards, photography


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